Bajaj Maxima: Giving you the power to earn more

bajaj maxima cargo

With the emergence of new unconventional businesses, results have shown a positive shift in the number of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Philippines. A survey by PwC Philippines saw an increasing demand and positive impact in the retail, essential goods, delivery service and logistics sector. With all these changes, Bajaj Philippines saw an opportunity for them to earn more through an effective diskarte in the form of the Bajaj Maxima models.

These new Bajaj Maxima three-wheelers: Bajaj Maxima Z and Bajaj Maxima Cargo will give you the power to generate more income through its bigger and better features. To start with, both models have a 236.2 CC DTS-i engine that gives your vehicle extra power to do more trips and carry bigger loads, also Fuel Injected (FI) for superior power production with better fuel saving. With a bigger engine comes a bigger body, that provides a roomier and spacious compartment in delivery, a heavy duty CV Shaft that can carry heavy loads thru difficult terrain and a dual front fork suspension to continuously absorb shock and harsh motion.

Here are the difference between the two models: The new Bajaj Maxima Z – “Ang multi-purpose partner sa Negosyo” is a three-wheeler that provides bigger performance and a multi-purpose way to cater both your transporting and delivery requirements.

It is convertible into cargo with up to 800 liter of cabin space.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo enables your business through efficiently delivering loads and limitlessly actualizing your unique business ideas. It is best for hauling and delivering goods giving you a better earning capacity.

These models will be the next business enablers for the new generation of individuals who wanted to take a leap of diskarte in life. A tool that offers limitless possibilities for every Filipinos’ business needs and ideas. Check out the Bajaj Maxima models thru or