As the local government, private institutions, and non-government organizations become steadfast in donating goods for Bohol, one concern persisted – transferring and mobilizing it.

Blockages brought by Bagyong Odette on December 16, caused narrower roads making heavily affected areas even harder to reach. Fallen trees, scattered lightweight construction materials from damaged houses, and leaning electricity poles have become the scenery in the streets of Bohol, resulting in tighter passages for big-built vehicles early in 2022.

Faced with these challenges, Des Strong Motors, Inc., a local authorized dealer of Bajaj Three-wheelers in Tagbilaran City recognizes Bajaj Maxima Cargo as a powerful logistics solution. It is fit to perform with utmost reliability to power the last-mile mobility requirement in delivering aids from ports, designated repacking areas, and even to affected public.

This January, Des Strong Motors starts lending Bajaj Maxima Cargo units to donating organizations equipped with its volunteer service drivers and free full tank gasoline. With as much as 12 sacks of rice and several boxes of relief goods smoothly transported each trip, Boholanos even in far flung hilly areas can be reached effortlessly by Bajaj Maxima Cargo. Its fuel efficient FI-technology feature even made some trips last for days of efficient travels before fueling up again.

Bajaj Maxima Cargo is a reminder that amidst the crisis, a powerful solution may always arise. Des Strong Motors, Inc. will continue to this lending of logistics solution through Bajaj Maxima Cargo, simply connect to for continued logistics support. To know more about Bajaj Three-wheelers, visit Barug, Bohol!