bajaj maxima cargo

“There is nowhere to go but up!” is a saying that reminds everyone about learning how to bounce back up when challenges bring you to rock bottom, but for Trimotors it is a bit different. Since the release of Bajaj RE in the Philippines last 2015, over 50,000 Filipinos begun trusting the brand, in a way the saying became a reminder of the market’s increasing demand for a bigger, tougher and powerful upgrade from the initially loved Bajaj RE “Ang No.1 Three-wheeler”.

A bigger, better, and tougher Bajaj three-wheel upgrade was finally acknowledged when Trimotors released the Bajaj Maxima Series in the Philippines last November 2020. The Bajaj Maxima Series is composed of 2 different models, the Bajaj Maxima Z – “Ang Multi-purpose Partner sa Negosyo” and Bajaj Maxima Cargo – “Delivering Powerful Solutions”.

Both models are composed of characteristics and features that best define the upgrades. Here are Bajaj Maxima’s general attributes:

POWERFUL. Powered by 236.2 CC DTS-i engine, the Bajaj Maxima Series gives your vehicle extra power to do more trips and carry heavier loads through plain and hilly areas.

DURABLE. With a Heavy Duty CV Shaft, Bajaj Maxima can deliver massive amount of loads thru difficult terrain efficiently while experiencing lower vehicle maintenance cost.

BIGGER. It’s bigger cabin space of 800-Liters for Bajaj Maxima Z and 487 carrying capacity for Bajaj Maxima Cargo provides roomier and spacious compartment to deliver large number of loads.

COST EFFICIENT. Has optimal fuel production and maximum fuel efficiency for better fuel and energy saving.

And FLEXIBILITY from Bajaj Maxima Z’s cabin space that is convertible into Cargo and Bajaj Maxima Cargo’s adaptable wide and long tray.

With continues advancements, the Maxima models are ready to launch its latest offerings to the market. The New Bajaj Maxima Z is now made more versatile with its flexi-seating advantages and multi-purpose features for a multi-purpose way of earning. The Bajaj Maxima Cargo on the other hand, is a three-wheeler that promises to deliver powerful solutions among the three (3) market segment’s need: Power to earn more for entrepreneurs, power to do more for fleet managers & decision malers and the power to serve more for public servants, delivering cargo solutions that will carry you towards progress.

These two Bajaj Maxima models may have its similarities and difference, but the main goal is to improve, better and upgrade the living standards of every Filipinos towards being more in life.

Achieve progress three-wheels at a time with Bajaj. For more information, visit or