The Best Agripreneur Investment – Bajaj Three-wheelers!

Davao Region: Home of the Madiskarteng Agripreneurs

With our yearly celebration of Noche Buena fast approaching, we see an increase in demand for food products, especially crops and livestock. Davao region, being the “Food Basket of the Philippines”, contributes a lot to our food supply thanks to its farmers and Agripreneurs.

Here’s how Bajaj Maxima Cargo can help turn its farmers into Madiskarteng Agripreneurs:

Maximize the delivery of your harvest. Madiskarteng Agripreneur’s top priority is maximizing delivery efficiency. With Bajaj Maxima Cargo, you can load up to 550 kilos of harvest and reach further trade centers. Thanks to its powerful 236.22 CC DTS-i FI engine, you can ensure that your product will be fresh when they reach their destinations.

Deliver and earn more by saving from maintenance costs. Let’s face it, PMS is a regular practice to keep your vehicle moving. That’s why to be madiskarte, Agripreneurs need to invest in a durable delivery unit. Bajaj Maxima Cargo is a reliable farm-delivery partner, with its heavy-duty CV shaft. Also, basic PMS with Bajaj can cost only as low as Php 200 for units with warranty. Not to mention Bajaj’s extensive AfterCARE with over 800+ service shops nationwide.

Worry less when crossing unpaved farm roads. Built for tough-road conditions, Bajaj Maxima Cargo’s high ground clearance can reach even the unpaved roads of your farm. Transforming the loading of your crops to an easier and more efficient system.

Davaoeños experienced Bajaj AliwONE: Ang No. 1 Three-wheeler Roadshow in Nabunturan last September 16 and 17. Watch out for more announcements because we are planning to visit more areas soon to deliver No. 1 sa Regalo, No. 1 sa AfterCARE, No. 1 sa Pa-Premyo, and many more!

Upgrade your farming business with Bajaj – grab yours for as low as Php 25,000 down payment