Redefining the tricycle: The versatile Bajaj RE

These vehicles are powered by a 200cc, fuel-injected (EFI) engine with more than enough muscle to climb inclines with a full load. Its engine boasts of a dual oil filtration system with a combined screw-on and magnetic filter that removes impurities from the oil, increasing mileage and reducing emissions. In addition, a fan and dust covers offers dual protection. The engine is paired with a larger capacity crank case and camshaft, increasing engine efficiency. Finally, it has a metal gear selector, for reliability for years to come.


The Bajaj RE is 66% more fuel efficient than your typical tricycle. It features a reinforced chassis to carry a higher load capacity. And when parking on inclines, the Bajaj RE has a hand brake lever to keep it from rolling down. Stuck in a tight spot? There’s also a reverse gear.

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