Transportation is known to be an important sector in the Philippines for it connects the islands of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. After years of holding transport congresses at the country’s capital, it is finally happening in Visayas.

Amidst the current situation, the Cebu Commercial Vehicle Show in partnership with the National Federation of Transport Cooperative happens to pull-off an event this July 30 – 31, 2021 held at the Waterfront Hotel Cebu with the goal of discussing the implementation of Public Utility Modernization program of the government.

Present in the show are representatives from the transport sector, government officials, and automotive companies. And considering that a more effective and efficient last-mile mobility is easily becoming a need, Trimotors Technology Corporation participated to the said event with the intention of expressing its eagerness in affecting a progressive change in the transportation landscape nationwide. Among the four wheeled vehicles in attendance, Trimotors stole the show through highlighting its Bajaj Maxima models. Bajaj Maxima is an upgraded three-wheeler from the initially loved Bajaj RE – “Ang no. 1 Three-wheeler”.

Bajaj Maxima series got bigger and better featured powered by 236.2 CC DTS-i engine, Fuel Injection System for a more cost-efficient drive, and Heavy-duty CV Shaft that can carry heavier loads and Dual Front Fork Suspension which continuously absorb shock and harsh motions. The Bajaj Maxima Series is available in two (2) different models: Bajaj Maxima Z – “Ang multi-purpose sa Negosyo” catering to both transport and delivery, and Bajaj Maxima Cargo – “Delivering Power Solutions”.

The New Bajaj Maxima Z is the best for both transporting passengers and carrying loads due to its flexi-seating advantages with 60:40 foldable seats offering multi-purpose features for a multi-purpose way of earning.

The Bajaj Maxima Cargo on the other hand, is a three-wheeler that promises to deliver powerful solutions among the three (3) market segment’s need: Power to earn more for entrepreneurs, power to do more for fleet managers and the power to serve more for public servants, delivering cargo solutions that will carry you towards progress.

Bajaj Three-wheelers may have its different forms and offerings, but Trimotors has established a single cause for its making – to provide every Filipinos a powerful, safer, more comfortable, and durable means of sustainable last-mile transportation.  

Achieve progress three-wheels at a time with Bajaj. For more information, visit or