The words Flectere in Latin, Lacheela in Hindi and Flexible in English may be spoken differently from each other, but it is singularly defined as the capability to adapt to the new, different, or changing requirements – a characteristic that is present to every Pinoy who wishes to be madiskarte. As an aspiring madiskarte, one must find a great ally to maximize his capabilities in earning and life in general. Well, you’ve already found it in the New Bajaj Maxima Z: “Ang Multi-purpose Partner sa Negosyo”.

The New Bajaj Maxima Z comes with multi-purpose upgrades to fit your diskarte for both transporting passengers and carrying loads. Here are the latest features of our favorite multi-purpose three-wheeler:

bajaj maxima z

Haven’t heard of Flexi Seats yet? Coming with its 60:40 seating arrangement the new Bajaj Maxima Z can adapt with every seating advantages. Utilize full seat to get your passengers comfortably seated, 60:40 seating to carry a passenger while delivering goods, 40:60 seating for minimal baggage and spacious rear riding and folded seats to load the 800-liter of cabin space.

More powerful 236 CC DTS-i Engine that gives extra power to do more trips and carry heavier loads.

Efficiently mobilize while maintaining durability and experiencing lower maintenance cost with the Heavy-Duty CV Shaft.

10-inch tires & Dual Front Fork Suspension that will get you moving on any road conditions while continuously absorbing shock and harsh motions.

Enjoy every drive with the entertainment that lasts more than a mile from sunrise to sundown from the New Age Dashboard with radio and MP3 Player, And last but not the least, Symmetrical Transparent Hood to provide pleasant passenger view and accessible windows for the goods.

All these multi-purpose enhancements are made to suit the need for a more adaptable, versatile, and flexible three-wheeler that will help you achieve your own diskarte. Available in colors Blue, Yellow and White, the New Bajaj Maxima Z is reasonably priced at Php 221,888.00 to enable your Sakay, Biyahe, Deliver at Kayod.

Make you diskarte possible the New Bajaj Maxima Z, ang bagong maasahan mo sa biyahe. Visit or for more stories and information about the New Bajaj Maxima Z.