First heard seven years ago, the term three-wheeler had already set itself apart from the usual last-mile land transportation of the Philippines. Ever since, one brand made it to enrich Filipinos lives and say, “Ito ang No.1 Three-wheeler para sa akin” – Bajaj! Here are the reasons why:

TRUSTED WORLDWIDE | Believe it or not, this Pinoy favorite is loved worldwide! In 2021, Bajaj recorded an astonishing total of 364,000 unit sales for its three-wheeler category.

RELIABLE ON LONG RIDES| Long rides without overheating? Bajaj Three-wheeler got you! Its 198.88 CC to 236.2 CC engine and car-type comfort will prepare you for a hassle-free ride.

AFTERCARE ADVANTAGES | Now, with 900+ parts and service shops, wherever you are in the Philippines, Bajaj Genuine AfterCARE is within reach!

GUARANTEED AVAILABILITY | Are you ready to be a Ka-Bajaj? This three-wheeler got you covered! With 1000+ Authorized dealer stores in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao – the inquiry to ownership process is a breeze.

GOING 100,000 KA-BAJAJ |Bajaj ang No.1 Three-wheeler para sa amin,” says Michael Santiago, president of MCMSLA TODA in Antipolo City, whose Bajaj membership has grown from 1 to 100+ in just three years. 

Today, Bajaj Three-wheelers’ power, safety, comfort, and durability are admired by travelers, tourists, and drivers! Will this three-wheeler be your key to success too? Inquire here: