Why travel with three-wheeler, Bajaj RE?

Being the first three-wheeler to conquer the Philippines loop in 2018 and a frequent endurance contender, even influencers and vloggers can’t bear not using it on long drives. Also, Bajaj RE is a favorite for tricycle drivers and operations alike due to its durability!

Engine Performance at its Best | Make long road trips bearable for drivers and passengersIt is possible withBajaj RE’s powerful 198.88 CC engine, fuel injection system, and car-type cabin. 

Arangkada Continues Rain or Shine | Bajaj RE is an all-weather vehicle providing a nonstop travel experience! Its built-in symmetrical and well-portioned hood with a transparent section for a wider passenger view makes it the best three-wheeler on the road. 

Best at Any Road Condition | Rough, muddy roads and gutter-deep streams? No questions asked if you are with Bajaj RE! Driving is easy thanks to the front fork suspension and heavy-duty CV Shaft.

Don’t forget to turn on the MP3 player built in Bajaj RE’s sleek dashboard for additional entertainment while on the road! Click this link to https://bit.ly/inquirebajajthree-wheelernow to inquire directly at Bajaj Three-wheelers.