Bajaj has emerged as the unrivaled leader in the three-wheeler industry, earning its title as “Ang Number 1 Three-wheeler”. What sets the Bajaj three-wheeler apart is its commitment to providing cost-efficient, comfortable, and durable solutions for drivers and passengers. The world-class designed vehicles, combined with up-to-date technology and functional features, ensure that every journey is worth it and enjoyable. Let us see why Bajaj is the only Number 1 three-wheeler!

Number 1 in cost-efficiency, durability, and comfort! | Bajaj’s three-wheelers stand out for their exceptional cost-efficiency, making them the preferred choice for budget-conscious consumers without compromising quality. The vehicles boast a spacious and comfortable interior, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride even in challenging terrains. The tough build ensures durability, making it a long-term investment that withstands daily use. Bajaj three-wheelers’ fuel injection system, 198.88cc DTSi engine, heavy-duty CV shaft, and ergonomic seats redefined the standards of urban commuting. According to TODA President Michael Santiago of a TODA in Antipolo City, “Bajaj ang Number 1 para sa MCMSLA TODA”.

Number 1 for more than 100,000 Filipinos | With a strong presence in the Philippine market, Bajaj three-wheelers have garnered the trust of over 100,000 Filipinos. As Ka-Baj Mark Sy, a seven-year Bajaj RE owner and entrepreneur, says, “Bajaj ang susi ko sa pag-asenso”. This impressive milestone reflects the brand’s popularity, customer satisfaction, and reliability experienced by its users. Bajaj’s commitment to delivering on its promises has solidified its position as the go-to choice for consumers seeking dependability and efficiency.

Number 1 in providing genuine aftercare | “Masasabi kong sure at sigurado ang serbisyo sa Bajaj” says Clifjohn Quidet, a fire fighter and Bajaj RE owner. Bajaj goes beyond the purchase, offering genuine aftercare and a lifetime of support. With 900+ parts and service shops nationwide, Bajaj is committed to nurturing lasting customer relationships and providing support and maintenance services.

In conclusion, Bajaj’s three-wheelers proudly owned the tagline “Ang Number 1 Three-wheeler” due to its advanced features and benefits, with the trust of over 100,000 Filipinos and a commitment to genuine aftercare. Planning on having your three-wheeler, look no further; Bajaj has got you covered.

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